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The Startup Growth Hour is a marketing mentorship program by aykos and WeWork for startups across the world. Each year, we invite startups to apply and be selected. Once selected, you will be allotted a 60-minute session with an expert where we get straight into assessing your marketing challenges with the aim to provide practical insight and perspective on how you can grow your company.

For a few select companies, we conduct an extensive marketing audit that is a two-week deep dive into your business. At this time, we are unable to offer the more extensive program to more than 5-7% of selected applications.

We receive hundreds of applications each year so we recommend applying as early as possible.

The Startup Growth Hour is a completely free program.
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Identify your audience
Get feedback on existing marketing efforts
Build successful marketing funnels
Create your brand strategy
Become data-driven

Startups from our Startup Growth Hour 1.0 & 2.0

Startups from our Startup Growth Hour 1.0 & 2.0

They have been instrumental in us growing 20% week on week and creating correct customer aquisition journeys."

Vivan Puri

Co-founder, Work Network

... absolute masters of the modern Marketing Landscape”

Aaron Yuan

Co-founder, Hopscotch

Their experience in growth marketing is evident from their approach.. which is rare to find."

Rahul Chopra

Founder, NexWeave

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